Creative Europe and Ecologists Without Borders: Making cultural events green

In collaboration with Motovila, Centre for the Promotion of Cooperation in the Cultural and Creative Sectors, and Ecologists Without Borders

Cultural and creative sectors can contribute to today’s environmental and climate efforts by setting an example. But what, specifically, should cultural organisations do to make their events greener?


The event for representatives of cultural and tourist organisations and local communities aiming to shift towards more sustainable practices, will start with a presentation, by Motovila (CED Slovenia), of the efforts undertaken by the EU’s Creative Europe to help deliver the European Green Deal. Together with Katharina Riedler of Crossing Europe, using this festival as a good practice example, they will illustrate how each cultural organisation can support sustainable development by implementing simple solutions. In part II, the president of Ecologists Without Borders, Katja Sreš, will use the example of Kino Otok to walk us through specific waste prevention and sorting measures, while highlighting the importance of making this a three-way collaboration between event organisers, participants, and local communities as decision-makers. The event will wrap up with a discussion, chaired by CED Austria and CED Slovenia, on how to make your cultural organisation greener.


The event will be in English. Admission is free, but please book your spot at


Location: Manzioli Palace, Izola
Date: 02. June 2022
Time: 11:00
Program category: Pro Otok
Section category: Pro Otok