Buttons on a Hike 3+

Cinemini Europe programme of shorts

Cinemini Europe programme of shorts 3+ 

32′,  No dialogues 

Cinema is magic: it takes us across the world and through time, making the impossible possible. In collaboration with Kinobalon. 


A Visit from Space  / Posjet iz svemira 
Zlatko Grgić, Yugoslavia, 1964, 12′, Little dialogue
A young girl plays in the garden in front of her family’s house, when an unusual flying object appears: a UFO. 

Traveling Through Brush and Ink  / Bimo xinglü 
Annlin Chao, Taiwan, 2017, 4′
A piece of food in the beak of a bird becomes a man travelling through the landscapes of four important paintings from China’s history of art. 

Caution, the Doors Are Opening! / Ostorožno, dveri otkryvajutsja 
Anastasija Žuravljeva, Russia, 2005, 5′
A day on the public transportation system in the lives of…buttons! They go to work, use the elevators, stand on platforms, get on trains – just like humans do.  


Virtuoso Virtual / Virtuos Virtuell 
Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann, Germany, 2013, 8′
An experimental animation film that creates the movement of wet ink on a white background that seems to take up the dramatic arch of the overture on the soundtrack. 

My Happy End
Milen Vitanov, Germany, 2008, 5′

What if a dog’s tail was more than just a part of its body that it can wag? 



Location: House of Culture, Izola
Date: 05. June 2022
Time: 10:30
Program category: Submarine
Section category: Submarine